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Liposuction/ Body Contouring

Liposuction is a surgical operation that employs a suction technique to eliminate excess fat from particular body parts, such as the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. It is mostly used to reduce fat from problem regions where diet and exercise are ineffective. Additionally, liposuction contours (shapes) these areas. Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty and body sculpting.

Benefits of Liposuction 
  • Long-lasting results
  • One Enhanced physical appearance
  • Less pain & swelling
  • Boost in Self-esteem


Techniques for liposuction that can be used to various body parts
The most popular kind of liposuction is this one.

Tumescent liposuction
In this technique, the area to be suctioned is pumped with several litres of saline solution containing lidocaine (local anaesthetic) and epinephrine (vessel constrictor), and fat is suctioned out through little suction tubes.

helped by ultrasound liposuction (UAL)

In this process, the fatty deposits are melted using ultrasonic. With VASER-assisted liposuction, a new generation of UAL, a device that may enhance skin contouring and lessen the likelihood of skin damage is used.

Liposuction with laser Assistion (LAL)

This method breaks down fat with high-intensity laser light and removes it via a cannula.

Liposuction with power assistance (PAL)

This method makes use of a cannula that quickly swings back and forth. The surgeon can remove challenging fat more quickly and simply thanks to this vibration. It results in reduced discomfort and edoema, and it gives the surgeon more control over how much fat is removed.

Patients who have previously undergone liposuction are advised to get this treatment.



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Dr. Sudhir is excellent at his work, very genuine, very humble doctor who cares for his patient and their well being. I had my surgery done from him and I am really satisfied and impressed with the outcome. Thank you so much doctor. Highly recommended.

Sankesh Surana K

Really very co operative doctor and treat the patient very well and very friendly n treat will reasonable price



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    Cosmetic surgery is used to change the body's natural structures in an effort to enhance look and self-esteem.

    Reconstructive surgery is used to treat aberrant bodily structures brought on by inherited flaws, developmental disorders, injuries, infections, tumours, or disease. Reconstructive surgery is typically carried out to restore function, but it can also be done to get close to a normal appearance.

    After surgery, each patient manages pain in a different way. The right painkillers will be prescribed by your doctor to aid with any discomfort. The majority of cosmetic procedures for the face often result in minor postoperative discomfort.

    Although most elective surgeries are done as outpatient procedures, you should be sure that you can be admitted to the hospital swiftly in case an emergency arises.

    Understanding the safety of a plastic surgery process as well as the anticipated results is crucial. No surgical operation is without risk, despite the fact that thousands of people have plastic surgery every year without any issues.

    Your anaesthetic will be administered by trained, qualified staff at the surgical centre, and they will also keep an eye on your recuperation after the treatment.

    Every surgical procedure carries some risk. Learn about them, how frequently they happen, and how they will be handled if they do. Look for a second opinion if the doctor won't disclose the hazards in detail or acknowledge that there are always concerns.

    Yes. Depending on the operation, it could be wise to sleep reclined (as opposed to horizontally) for the first week after surgery to reduce fluid buildup in the face and eyelids.

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